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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to easily find LIVE EVENTS near you and across America!

Eventsfy has built the best online site to find LIVE EVENTS in your city and across America. Other famous ticketing sites list ONLY their events providing you a limited selection of what is happening around you - whereas Eventsfy features LIVE EVENTS from MANY ticketing sites, so that you can have more choices and a better understanding of what’s happening near you.

Eventsfy is for people wanting to see what’s happening tonight or next weekend or next month - more for those spontaneous moments of our lives.

We have spent enormous amount of time, effort and resources building the most intuitive and elegant online platform for you to easily find LIVE Music, Comedy, Theatre, Musicals, Plays, Festivals, Night Life, Sports, Arts and more near you!

We allow Artists and Venues to easily create their Events for FREE to increase their exposure from the Largest Collection in America. We also allow Artists and Venues to easily promote their events on our platform for a low cost to increase the overall attendance to their events—therefore, more Artists and Venues succeed!

Our website, along with our users, is helping to shine more light on these brilliant, aspiring Artists! Our website helps Fans connect and engage with their favorite Artists and their Local Arts community—initiated by our Sparks Awards program!

Experience LIVE EVENTS with REAL ARTISTS in REAL LIFE with REAL ENERGY—NOT via an impersonal video screen!

Search Events by Location

  • Easily find LIVE EVENTS in your hometown with our detected location feature or quickly enter desired location. While traveling in the United States, explore Eventsfy to find events with local Artists to remember the experience for a lifetime!

Search Events by Genre

  • We have personally categorized our events into different genres so that you can more easily discover shows that cater towards your specific interests.

Search Events by Calendar

  • Because we have developed the best and most elegant events calendar, you will quickly learn that it is truly a breeze to find events that work around YOUR calendar for any specific date. You can find events for today, tomorrow, next weekend, or next month.

Find Trending & Highlighted Events

  • We have also created unique Trending and Highlighted sections to feature events that our users have shown extra interest to make them Stand OUT from the crowd.

Find Unique and Original Events

  • Find unique and original events for a memorable date night or night out. With Millions of LIVE EVENTS featured on our website, Eventsfy has become one of the Largest Collection of upcoming LIVE EVENTS in America to help Fans quickly discover unique experiences to remember for a lifetime!

We understand the fragmented and disjointed world that fans go through to discover LIVE EVENTS, AND that Artists go through to adequately promote their events. We bring both these needs into one place—Eventsfy—where we have an exhaustive ongoing list of upcoming LIVE EVENTS across America to make discovering and promoting events simple and easy.

Each day we get closer to our goal by perpetually stitching together the very fragmented and disjointed world of LIVE EVENTS online in America so that people can spend more time experiencing these wonderful events.

We will continue to break down the barriers that prevent remarkably talented Artists from becoming successful. An Artist's success should be based on the true talents of the individual Artist and less based on whom the Artist knows. With Eventsfy, we (THE PEOPLE) will control and have the power to choose which Artists become the most successful—therefore, Art is in Charge!

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    the #1 site to discover LIVE EVENTS in America - LIVE Music, Comedy, Theatre, Arts
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    the #1 site for Artists and Venues to promote their Events in America
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    the Largest Collection of LIVE EVENTS in America
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    the simplest, most intuitive, elegant, and technologically advanced website and app
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    a trustworthy and reliable partner to Artists, Venues, and Fans through our high integrity

Why Eventsfy?

We believe that prejudices and divisions in our world stem from our not knowing, not understanding, and not empathizing with others. We believe the most powerful force to increase our knowledge, understanding, and empathizing with others is through the Arts—especially, through LIVE EVENTS. Art succinctly cuts through the noise of our society to reveal new knowledge, new understandings, and new perspectives of life. Exposing yourself to our events will bring forth new perspectives of life for you. And you will have a richer and more meaningful life.

Our mission increases our empathy, compassion, and knowledge overall by exposing people to more perspectives of life via these emotionally charged events. We have much to be passionate about at Eventsfy.

We thirst for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom shone through these amazing LIVE EVENTS of human experiences created by remarkable Artists.

Join Our Community

JOIN US— If you too want to help more Aspiring Artists succeed and build communities more enriched with culture and Art! This mission can be only successful with YOUR help. We all have a duty to serve. What greater duty than to help brilliant Artists succeed. To help us build the best website for LIVE EVENTS online, you can:

  • Attend LIVE EVENTS by buying tickets and attending an Event
  • Make reviews and comments on these Events
  • Share your LIVE EVENTS experiences through your social media - #EventsfyYourWeekend
  • Provide Feedback on improving our website and apps
Eventsfy's Guiding Principles of Business Conduct:
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Simplicity
  • Elegance

We really hope you enjoy our online platform built for your convenience and to connect Artists with their fans. Check out our Sparks Awards Program on how you can help support us and win prizes.