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Mission Statement
Our Mission is to support and connect Artists and Venues with their Fans by providing a central hub to discover & create amazing Events (Music, Comedy, Theatr, Arts).
How we fulfill our Mission

By providing a central hub for Fans to easily discover Events and for Artists and Venues to easily create their Events, we connect the two parts and increase the overall attendance to these amazing Events—increasing ticket and merchandise sales—thus, more Artists and Venues succeed!! 

With Millions of Events featured on our central hub, Eventsfy already has one of the largest collection of upcoming Events (Live Performances) in America to help Fans quickly discover and experience an Event to remember!  Our central hub helps Fans connect and engage with their favorite Artists and their Local Arts community (initiated by our Sparks Awards program).  Eventsfy supports Artists to sell more tickets (soon their merchandise) with fair costs.  Our work along with our users will help shine more light on these brilliant, aspiring Artists!

Each day we get closer to our goal by perpetually stitching together the very fragmented and disjointed world of Events online. We will continue breaking down the barriers that prevent talented Artists from becoming successful.  Becoming successful will be more based on the true talents of the Artists and less based on whom the Artists know.  With Eventsfy, we (the people) will control and have the power to choose which Artists become the most successful—therefore, Art is in Charge!

  • Be the #1 site to discover Events (Music, Comedy, Theatre, Arts) in America
  • Be the #1 site for Artists and Venues to promote their Events in America
  • Be the largest collection of Events of the Arts in America
  • Be the simplest, most intuitive, elegant, and technologically advanced central hub for Events onlines
  • Be a very trustworthy and reliable partner to Artists, Venues, and Fans through our high integrity
Why Eventsfy?

We thirst for knowledge as our ancestors did during the Enlightenment Age of the 18th Century (The Renaissance!).  We yearn for a Renaissance 2.0 propelled by these amazing Events of the Arts that shine light on understanding the human experience more.

We believe that prejudices and divisions stem from our not knowing, not understanding, and not empathizing with others.  We believe the most powerful force to increase our knowing, understanding, and empathizing with others is through the Arts—especially, through our Events of the Arts (Performing Arts).  Art succinctly cuts through the noise of our society to reveal new knowledge, new understandings, and new perspectives of life.  Exposing yourself to these Events will bring forth new perspectives of life to you.  And you will have a richer and more meaningful life.

Our mission increases our empathy, compassion, and knowledge overall by exposing people to more perspectives of life via these emotionally charged Events.  Our work increases the overall attendance to these Events—therefore, more Artists succeed!  We have much to be passionate about at Eventsfy.


Join Our Community  

JOIN US—If you too want to help aspiring Artists succeed and build communities more enriched with culture and Art!  This mission can be only successful with YOUR help.  We all have a duty to serve.  What greater duty than to help brilliant Artists succeed.  To help us build the best central hub for Events online, you can:

  • Attend our Events by buying tickets to a show
  • Make reviews and comments on our Events
  • Share our Events through your social media
  • Provide Feedback on improving our central hub
Eventsfy's Guiding Principles of Business Conduct:
Honesty   Transparency   Fairness   Accountability   Simplicity   Elegance