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  • Registering
  • Referring Others
  • Sharing Events
  • Writing Reviews
  • Creating Events
  • Purchasing Tickets
  • And More!

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  • Social Member (Bronze)
  • Cultured Member (Silver)
  • Inspirational Member (Gold)
  • Art Influencer Member (Platinum)
  • The Artist Member (Diamond)

Win Prizes

3 Winners recieive $100 towards any event tickets on Eventsfy every Quarter


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Spend your points on events tickets, virtual currency, on participating websites, and bid an auctions!


Great question. You easily accumulate Sparks Points for any of these simple to do activities:

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Eventsfy's Sparks Awards Program – where every experience becomes a ticket to excitement and exclusive rewards!

At Eventsfy, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and the joy of live events. With the Sparks Awards Program, you can immerse yourself in the world of events while earning valuable Sparks that can be redeemed for free event tickets, exclusive discounts, and prestige within the events community. Every quarter, qualifying participants will get the chance to win $100 each to spend on any Eventsfy event tickets, adding an extra thrill to #EventsfyYourNight.

Light Up your Night

Participate & Prosper with the Sparks Awards

Earn Sparks and ascend the ladder of recognition in the vibrant Eventsfy events community. Our virtual currency, Sparks, is more than just a reward—it’s your passport to curated experiences and a symbol of your dedication to the events.

Fully Customized Designs

Start with Eventsfy by signing up for a free account to instantly receive 500 Sparks and begin accumulating your currency. Your adventure in the realm of live events awaits you.

FAQs for Eventsfy Sparks Awards

The Sparks Awards by Eventsfy is a rewards program that grants patrons of the arts Sparks—our unique virtual currency. Through engagement on our platform, you can accrue Sparks to access special benefits, win prizes, and claim rewards.

Earning Sparks is simple:

  • - Register on Eventsfy for 500 Sparks.
  • - Successfully refer friends for 500 Sparks each.
  • - Share events on your social networks for 200 Sparks per share.
  • - Review your experiences to gain 300 Sparks each review.
  • - Organize and verify new events for 300 Sparks each.
Redeem your Sparks for tempting prizes such as $100 toward Eventsfy free tickets every quarter, status in our events community, and entries into exclusive auctions for unique experiences.
The possibility of consecutive wins is determined by our program policy. Please consult our terms and conditions or contact our support team for detailed information.
Earn Sparks on a vast variety of events including concerts, comedy, theater, and other cultural attractions featured on Eventsfy.
Join the Eventsfy community and embark on a rewarding journey through the arts. Get started now by signing up, unlocking instant benefits, and earning Sparks to elevate your participation in the events. Don’t miss the chance to win $100 towards Eventsfy free tickets every quarter—let your dedication to the arts illuminate!