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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Rap/Hip-Hop
Vertigo Drift, Before the Origin, Xombie | New York, NY | Arlene's Grocery | December 9, 2017
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  • Vertigo Drift, Before the Origin, Xombie 1
  • Arlene's Grocery 1 | New York, NY

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Vertigo Drift, Before the Origin, Xombie
Arlene's Grocery in New York

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Price: 10.00 - 0.00
Vertigo Drift, Before The Origin, Xombie
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Xombie is a rare breed of funk, rock, hip-hop and metal all wrapped in one and unlike many others, actually doing it well. As they collectively bring close to 50 years of experience to the table, every member of Xombie specializes in something unique and can showcase why they are the best at what they do in every song. In the heart of New York City, Xombie Nation began infection in June 2009 on a Manhattan terrace after newly acquainted Roy Galvan and Adam Cruz met at a work event a week before and talked music over Tequila shots at an open bar.

The two knew their clever style in music was something unique and before summer ended, "Excuse Me Miss" had already been born. Shortly after, former drummer to Roy's previous band, Rob Bangers, was then brought into the project before Fall and the trio emerged into a smooth sound but what seemed like an endless search to find a bass player to complete the feel as they continued to write their songs and host tryouts. In the midst of their countless searches, the group still had some luck on their side when they ran into an ad on Craigslist in Spring 2010 for a heavy guitarist, who ironically was looking to team up with a rapper. Although the band wasn't originally looking for an additional guitarist, Robert Fishkin was so impressive that he was asked to join the band after he and Roy had unquestionably been on the same page. The last piece of the puzzle was finally in place after Cadillac Mike Martabano stepped in shortly after the acquisition of Rob Fishkin. A previous tryout and bassist in Rob Bangers' old band, Cadillac Mike came back to join the group to perfectly fill the void they had searched for from day one. Read more: 

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95 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002 (US)

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