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Event: Music
The Sweet Spot | New York, NY | DROM | December 10, 2017
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  • DROM 1 | New York, NY

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The Sweet Spot
DROM in New York

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The Sweet Spot
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Lead Vocalist for Sweet Spot is none other than Toronto, Canada's finest, Shane Whalen... aka "Slim Shaney".

For influences, there is: Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker... wait... wrong influences. Musically speaking, Shane is open to listening and learning from all the greats, the not-so-greats and everything in between. To mention some – Alice In Chains, Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, Rush, Sir Ozzy the Prince of Darkness himself, Sublime, Kelly Clarkson (just checking to see if you are reading this) and so on and so on.
John "I don’t do interviews" Joyce. As the lead guitarist for Sweet Spot, John has little time for interviews (as this bio will show) so we have taken the liberty of artistic embellishment.

John is a Philadelphia native; Go Eagles, Phillies and Flyers. As a former member of Aunt Clair’s Liver and Clutch Cargo, he has played his way up and down the East Coast, from Maryland to Vermont… apparently taking a wrong turn somewhere and ending up in Florida?!? Regardless of the reason, Sweet Spot is most gratuitous for his kick-ass guitar playing. It’s obvious his influences are many, including Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Brian Setzer (by the way, Setzer called, he wants his sideburns back), SRV, and Slash.
So two drummers walk into a bar…which is actually kind of funny, because you would think that the second guy would have seen the first one do it.

But seriously, this is one drummer that you can’t confuse with a piece of sheet music. Jeff started banging on the drums by the age of 10. After studying his craft for eight years under the guidance of two separate jazz/big band drum instructors, Jeff decided to apply his reading skills, stick control, timing, dynamics, etc, to his real passion... ROCK!! Utilizing the techniques he developed with his rock playing gives him that extra "edge", allowing him to think in a more unorthodox fashion.

Originally from Jersey, Rob traveled around the country with his father, also a musician. He landed in Chicago for awhile and eventually made himself at home in the Tampa Bay area. Rob has played with various groups, recording on albums such as; "The Music Remains The Same" The Led Zeppelin Tribute, "Slave To The Power" The Iron Maiden Tribute, "Consortium Project 2" Continuum In Extremis, "Consortium Project 3" Terra Incognita, & "Ian Parry" Visions.

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85 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009 (usa)

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