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From Largest Collection in America

The Oxford Coma, Bitter Lake, the Chrome Lakes
Highline in Seattle

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Price: 10.00 - 12.00

The Oxford Coma

Our story is long and boring, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, drugs and lack of drugs, indulgence and the foregoing thereof, periodic delusions of free-will, hallucinations, day jobs, sugar, television, pornography, more hallucinations, grappling (figurative and literal), testosterone, years of teetotaling, comedy, and figurative and literal death. Our religion is delusion. Our default is doubt. Our president is a cheeto.

Our fourth studio album recently recorded by Steve Albini, featuring Sacha Dunable from Intronaut on a song we co-wrote, will be out later this year. More on that soon.

The Chrome Lakes

Formed in 2013,in the belly of Seattle, WA, Chrome Lakes approaches their music through the lens of post-hardcore in the year of post-truth America.
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210 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA 98122 (usa)

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