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From Largest Collection in America

The Drinkin' Spelling Bee
331 Club in Minneapolis

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Price: 8.00 - 10.00
Voted Twin Cities Best Bar Game 2015!

Easy. You register for $7 measly bucks, get a free beer, and then get on stage every time your number comes up. The judges give you a word to spell. Get it wrong and you're out. Get it right and you get more beer.

You can ask for a word's definition, its language of origin, and a funny sentence containing the word, which probably won't help. The words get harder each round. After Round 4 we go into a lightning round until there's only one speller left. They're crowned the spelling champion of the universe and given a free bar tab!
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331 Northeast 13 Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55413 (US)

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