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Event: Country
r. Finn / Sean Watkins | Los Angeles, CA | Bootleg Theater | December 11, 2017
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  • Bootleg Theater 1 | Los Angeles, CA
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r. Finn / Sean Watkins
Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles

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Many people come from all corners of the globe to Los Angeles, where a rich musical history permeates the smog-filled air, hoping for a chance at success. For those born and raised in LA, those musical roots often go far deeper. Chris Rondinella (R. Finn) was raised around the folk and Americana community, and was searching for his voice and his way before he began his teenage years. Chris found something in early American music that connected with him in a way few other art forms could. Historic and prophetic musicians became his tribe, eventually coming to work with the heroes he grew up admiring and studying.By the early 2000s, Chris found himself working for and living with one of those heroes, legendary Band drummer Levon Helm at his home in Woodstock NY. Rondinella cut his teeth engineering the impromptu jams and house concerts which later became the known as The Midnight Ramble Sessions, eventually working with members of the Muddy Waters Band, and blues great Hubert Sumlin among others. It was impossible to be in the room where music was being created, or around a campfire ,with such champions of song and folklore, without something of their passion and DNA instilling a deep and rich appreciation for sound, story, and instrumentation. These times shaped Chriss musical and production ideologies, which he later implemented in his own recording studio and creative space, The Heritage Recording Co. Chris started Heritage after moving back to LA (2006), and working in a factory to amass the gear and instruments he would need, not only for his studio, but for his own musical creations. Since opening Heritage, Chris served not just as owner, but producer, mixer, and engineer, spreading his love of music history, vintage sounds and instruments, and a passion, above all, for compelling songwriting. In Late 2014 , Rondinella teamed up with longtime friend and session veteran Jim Keltner (John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young..), to begin working on what would eventually become his debut album, Collecting Trip. What began as an exercise in simply wanting to capture some original music with friends, snowballed into a musical odyssey of sorts for Rondinella. With Keltner providing his unique rhythmic approach, as well as the albums co-production. Named after the trips taken by folk musicologists John and Alan Lomax. Collecting Trip is no homage to a previous American way of writing/recording music its a peeling back the of musical experience and beginning with a living core, the song itself. With meticulous attention to detail, the album echoes voices long since passed, while providing a young and fresh perspective on a different, but current interpretation of early American Music
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Sean Charles Watkins(born February 18, 1977) is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He is a member of the contemporary folk band Nickel Creek (disbanded in 2007), the duo Fiction Family and the supergroup Works Progress Administration.

Sean Watkins began his tenure with Nickel Creek playing mandolin, but later switched to guitar. The band has released three albums and a CD composed of their hits (called Reasons Why: The Very Best) and won a Grammy for This Side -- a coveted trophy that Watkins reportedly put on top of his toilet at home. Explaining the somewhat odd situation, Watkins said that "it seems like a humble place. I didn't want to put it out in plain view of my house. I didn't feel like displaying it right when you walk in. It's a nice crown for the porcelain."

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2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057 (US)

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