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Event: Dance/Electronic
Pierce Fulton | San francisco,  | Swedish American Hall | December 12, 2017
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  • Pierce Fulton 1

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Pierce Fulton
Swedish American Hall in San francisco

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Price: 13.00 - 15.00
There's not much to do in Vermont...Though the combination of cold weather and small isolated towns do force an extremely bored kid to get creative. Now it's 1998, picture Pierce at 6 years old, sitting on a tiny guitar amp with similarly tiny guitar in hand, begging his parents and family friends for song requests. Long before his time as a DJ, he was pleasing crowds (though much older) with covers of all 60s-70s era classic rock, having no idea what kind of impact this would have later. Fast forward a few years and those song requests turned suggestions of various genres and eventually different instruments. A quick ear helped him in first picking up the guitar as a child and later moving onto drums, piano, trombone and more. Pierce has always had this fascination for taking a concept from one instrument or genre and applying it to something new, an activity that would later define the core of his music. Now with 15 years of classic rock, reggae, blues and even a bit of metal and classical music under his belt, you can imagine how strange Pierces first interaction with electronic music was. Somehow this small high school in Vermont was blessed with an incredible music department entirely run by two teachers, a husband and wife. One semester of Pierce's senior year involved back to back music theory and electronic music production classes and another course in music history. The electronic music course taught students the fundamentals of production programs, basic synthesis/sound design, and sampling in addition to studying the history of iconic electronic music from the likes of Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Frankie Knuckles, and more. It was a revelation having had

no real exposure to this world, growing up in such seclusion, so far away from club culture.You might know Pierce most for his songs Kuaga, No More, Losing You & Landmines but with his recently released Borrowed Lives EP, he goes back to those early musical roots. Ive played some sort of music since I was a child, says Pierce. Anywhere from a guitar to just banging sticks on stage as a 5 year old at my aunts wedding, Ive always done something. Electronic music was the first time in my musical lifetime that I stopped playing things and started clicking and dragging. Its a blast because you can be a one man band, but over time I realized I lost a lot of what made me a musician. I still cant even play my guitar as well as I did when I was 14, dont even get me started about drums or piano. With my songs like Landmines and No More, you can hear the live music sneaking its way back into my life but Borrowed Lives is my first full step back into being a musician again.Now 24 years old and based in Los Angeles, Pierce is still subject to the habits of his youth; bouncing between genres and instruments while simultaneously bringing all of these influences into the dance music he's known for. When he isn't out on the road, playing shows around the world, not too much has changed about those quiet, cozy nights spent in the studio
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Brooklyn-based Vermont native Pierce Fulton is a producer, DJ, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who became known in the EDM world in the early 2010s for his assorted styles of original material and remixes. A lifelong musician, he released his debut solo EP, Pardon My French, on Cr2 Records in 2011. Garnering attention for songs like 2012's "Sink or Swim" and 2013's "Wanna Be" and "Where We Were" (featuring Polina), he began touring extensively as a headliner while issuing remixes for song including the Killers' "Runaway" and Mutemath's "In No Time." With a performance schedule encompassing Central America and Mexico, clubs in the U.S. and Canada, and festivals in Europe throughout 2013 and 2014, he released the single "Runaway" and accompanying Runaway EP in March 2014. The tune went on to hit number one on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart that summer. His song "Kuaga (Lost Time)" climbed the dance charts later that year, followed by remixes for Dillon Francis' "When We Were Young" and Life of Dillon's "Overload," amid continued live appearances. ~ Marcy Donelson, Rovi

- Rovi

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2174 Market Street

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