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Get ready for a hardcore holiday celebration with the Back To The NYHC Roots Music Series Holiday Slamboree, presented by New York Hardcore Chronicles and Women of The Pit. This event promises an intense and energetic showcase of hardcore music, bringing together dedicated fans for a night of head-banging and moshing.

As you enter the venue, envision a high-energy atmosphere with fellow hardcore enthusiasts, all ready to revel in the raw and powerful sounds of New York Hardcore. The Holiday Slamboree is not just a concert; it's a hardcore gathering, uniting fans and musicians to celebrate the roots of this influential music scene.

Picture yourself immersed in the electrifying performances, surrounded by a passionate crowd sharing in the intensity of the music. Whether you're a long-time fan of New York Hardcore, a metalhead seeking a hardcore experience, or someone looking for an adrenaline-filled night, this event guarantees a memorable and exhilarating time.

Secure your tickets now for the Back To The NYHC Roots Music Series Holiday Slamboree. Whether you're a local hardcore scene regular or a visitor eager to dive into the New York Hardcore culture, don't miss the chance to be part of this hardcore holiday celebration.

Get Tickets Today to Experience Back To The NYHC Roots: Holiday Slamboree by New York Hardcore Chronicles & Women of The Pit on Sunday Dec 17 at Bowery Electric 327 Bowery, new york. Enjoy and be inspired! Share your experience on Social Media with #EventsfyYourWeekend for a chance to WIN Prizes!

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