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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Alternative/Rock
Marah - VIP Soundcheck Party Upgrade! | Vienna, VA | Jammin' Java | December 9, 2017
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  4.3    [2 reviews]

Marah - VIP Soundcheck Party Upgrade!
Jammin' Java in Vienna

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Price: 50.00 - 0.00

* Early entry
* Autographed poster
* Elk Creek pint of beer
* Super exclusive Test Pressing door prize of our newest Vinyl release of "If You Didnt Laugh You'd Cry!
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Every performance by MARAH is an explosion of vitality, energy and authentic passion for pure, undistilled rock&roll. Their melodies are so wonderful that they almost hurt, hitting you with well-aimed blows of honesty. Getting through them is entering a magical universe of deep lyrical poetry, across which parade the dark side of the street, the soul’s emotions and dreams. Stories that scratch the surface looking for deeper meanings, that go right through your skin and broaden your heart.

Without a break, without respite, they knit a moving visceral rock which they spit from deep inside, making bitterness turn out beautiful if you truly feel it. Without renouncing the freshness of present time, they integrate their chords together with ancestral roots which they re-invent time and time again, shaking your blood and soul to the point of distorting your senses. The result is a sort of gorgeous music they generously give away to make the world look more inhabitable to us, with more room for goodness and beauty.

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227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, VA 22180 (US)

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