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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Rap/Hip-Hop, Dance/Electronic
Hot 100 w/ DJ Shift at Wet Republic | Las Vegas, NV | Wet Republic Ultra Pool | April 21, 2017
  • Hot 100 w/ DJ Shift at Wet Republic 1
  • Wet Republic Ultra Pool 1 | Las Vegas, NV

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Hot 100 w/ DJ Shift at Wet Republic
Wet Republic Ultra Pool in Las Vegas

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Price: 0.00 - 20.00
WET REPUBLICDisclaimer: Must be at the door before 1PM for guaranteed entry. No refunds - Management reserves all rightsPATRONS ARE SUBJECT TO HAVING THEIR BAGS, BACKPACKS, PURSES OR PARCELS SEARCHED PROHIBITED ITEMS:Illegal DrugsOver the counter Medications / VitaminsOutside food / Beverages / Snacks / Gum / MintsEye Drops / Contact lens solution / Liquid / Hand sanitizerFood / Beverage containersTissues / Wet-Naps / Baby-WipesToys / Props / InflatablesWeapons / Sharp objectsVideo / SLR CamerasSORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCEThis is not an exhaustive list & Managementreserves all rights to refuse entry.
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“Shift”, meaning change, suits his personality perfectlywhen talking about his turntable tastes. But no matter what you call him or whetheror not you’ve ever seen him perform one thing is known byall, when he’s in the vicinity you will surely know it. A triple threat of DJ talent,personality, and fashion sense DJ Shift has become a member of a class, all hisown. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada Shift has rightfully established his placeas the resident DJ at the world’s largest pool party, better known to all ofyou as REHAB in the Hard Rock Hotel. Summer, 2012 marks his seventh consecutiveseason as the anchor resident DJ. But that’s not where it ends. He also resides,four years and running, at Wet Republic located in the MGM Grand Hotel forMaxim’s Hot 100 Contest, as well as, Pure nightclub in Ceasars Palace twice aweek for the last five years. The Las Vegas Spin Awards awarded Shift the crownof “Best Main Room DJ” of 2012, quite the significant nod in a nightlifepowerhouse like Las Vegas. Additionally he was awarded “Best Pool DJ” for 2010and 2011, as well as “Biggest Following” in 2010. Now when he’s not tearing it up inthe city of lights he also jet-sets all the top entertainment meccas that thiscountry has worth mentioning (LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC,Miami). 2012 marks his third year running with a continuous residency in theBay, currently at the Grand. He may even be found enjoying the sandy beaches ofCabo at Pink Kitty or somewhere in the Virgin Islands shuttin’ it down for themasses. But no matter where you see him it’s guaranteed to be a night toremember so come prepared.
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3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109 (US)

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