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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Indie/Folk

Come and Take It Live in Austin

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Price: 8.00 - 10.00
As graduated alumni from the tasty menagerie of bands that the Chicago metal scene produced, Deadships has inherited the proverbial torch the deep understanding of metal music that only a devoted community can effectively nurture. Every show is instilled with a courageous amount of life force. Professionalism and dedication may as well be the bands middle and maiden names.

They've devoted a Herculean amount of labor and awed many a crowd. Their travels are commendable; their sacrifices, immeasurable. And, between you and me, with the pace they've set their music is going to be heard from whichever horizon that endless road takes them for a long, long time.
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2015 E Riverside Dr, Bldg 4
Austin, TX 78741 (usa)

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