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Event: Music

Assaf Amdursky Acoustic Show ★ Live in NYC
The Green Room 42 in New York

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After more than 15 years, Assaf Amdursky is coming back to NYC with his majestic acoustic show. The eternal rockstar lowers the volume for a perfect winter prefomence. ★ Space is very limited, get your tickets now! ★ Sunday, Dec 10th, 7:00 pm, The Green Room 42. אסף אמדורסקי, מהמוזיקאים הוורסטילים והמרתקים בישראל, במופע שהוא מסע אינטימי לתוך 25 שנה של מוזיקה יפיפייה, במהלכו יבצע עיבודים אקוסטיים (**+אלקטרונים??**) לקלאסיקות על זמניות, וביניהן- "השמיים הכחולים", "רכבת לצפון", "יקירתי", ״אהבה חדשה״, ״15 דקות״, ״החדר האינטמי שלי״, ״גולשים״ ועוד. Assaf Amdursky, one of Israel's most versatile and fascinating musicians, in a performance that is an intimate and beautiful journey into 25 years of creation. The show will feature acoustic arrangements for his time favorites such as "Ahava Chadasha", "Rakevet Latzafon", "Yekirati", "15 Dakot" and many many more. The Show will take place in The Green Room 42 - a new intimate and luxurious venue with top-of-the-line sound systems and great vibes. ---------------------------- Assaf Amdursky is one of the most prominent and influential artists in Israel. Beginning his career in the early 90's, Amdursky was a part of "Ta'arovet Eskot" band and quickly became an essential figure in the local rock scene. Since then he released 7 solo albums and collaborated with some of the most leading artists in Israel, including Shlomo Artzi, Ivri Lider, Shuli Rand, Efrat Gosh and many more. On the stage Amdursky puts on a show that is Rockn'roll with some electronic influences and high on style, vision and emotion. His shows are very well-reviewed both from his audiences and the industry; For this reason he got many awards in the category of "Best live show". Among Assaf's biggest hits are: "Ahava Chadasha" (New Love), "Rakevet Latzafon" (A train to the north), "Yekirati" (My Dear), "15 Dakot" (15 Minutes), and more.
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570 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10036 (US)

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