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At PILOT LIGHT we do what we can to publicize our events but we definitely need your help! You can help bring people out to your show by sending press information, a cd, and photo to some of the following press contacts. Most newspapers list our calendar for the week, but with more information you might get a write up or an interview.

Touring bands: Once your show is booked at Pilot Light, if you haven't already, definitely send us a CD of your music (it can be a CD-R if you like). This helps immensely in getting locals interested in playing with you and promoting your show in general. If you have tour flyers/posters available, send us 5-8 of them and we'll get them out in the more prominent places.

Local bands: Spend some time with a photocopier and flyer for your show, call your friends, post on message boards, myspace, etc. It seems foolish to have to say this but PLEASE TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR SHOW! You're taking the time to drag all your gear down and ...

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