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Throughout the 20th century in several countries the idea of an honest pint has been a point of focus. It has come to pass that certain retailers have abused the trust of their patrons by pouring their beer into a 13-15 oz glass and still referring to it as a pint. By jeopardizing a timeless concept like a pint of ale these heathens have created a rift in the relationship between the publican and the common man. Historically, the pub has been the model business for honest products at fair prices Alas, it only takes one villainous restaurateur hell bent on making an extra buck at the guest’s expense to change the marketplace forever. Groups have rallied, the people have protested, and in some places even legislation has been suggested to put an end to this kind of deceit. We too are offended.

Here at The Honest Pint we take the concept of getting what you pay for very seriously. Offering our beers as a true pint is only the beginning. We offer you our honest vision of a ...

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