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The STATE THEATER has been an integral part of downtown Oroville since it was dedicated on April 7, 1928. With credits like the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building in San Francisco, and Oakland's Paramount Theater, Timothy L. Pflueger and J. R. Miller were contracted to design the grand, new Oroville facility.

The theater was originally destined for fine vaudeville acts and films and so the opening night show featured the Might Wurlitzer theater organ, some live vaudeville acts, and the Paramount silent feature movie, Partners in Crime. Many high school plays and graduations were also held on stage, as well as talent shows and World War II war bond drives.

Later, United Artists purchased the building and turned the facility into a movie house, showing only films and later splitting the theater’s main auditorium in two.

During the summer of 1986 United Artists notified the City of its intent to close and sell the theater. Rather than have a vacant ...

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