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Our many programs emphasize observation skills, interactive learning activities, critical thinking, cultural awareness, co-operative problem solving and team building for all ages through character development and the Arts of Life. The Arts of Life integrate traditional skills such as tracking, survival, dance, storytelling, the martial arts, and conflict resolution. The Center is also home to many educational exhibits; including Native tools, baskets, rattles, drums, shelters, clothing as well as a full-scale birch bark canoes and bark long house.

Besides the exhibit space, the Center also contains a large presentation room, an animal tracking room with more than 1000 plaster casts of North American Mammal tracks, and a gift shop. The gift shop offers visitors a rich collection of educational resources including books about Northeast Native American tribes/nations  (such as the Mohawk, Seneca, Abenaki, Wampanoag, Pequot, and Mohegan), animal tracking, wilderness crafts ...

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