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Authorized by the California State Legislature in May 1939, the 35-A District Agricultural Association held it's first annual county fair in October 1939. Governor Olson appointed the first Board of Directors: George M. Stark, Jay T. Norman, Daniel Kleiman, Stanley Fiske, James W. Warford, Ray M. Sullivan and E.O. Sumner.  George W. Robinson was appointed to act as the first Secretary-Treasurer and was paid $150 for his services from May through December 1939. J.M. Loyd of Auburn was retained as the manager of the first annual county fair. His compensation for managing the fair, performing the auditing work and preparing the 1940 budget was set at $500. Wilbur White was hired as the grounds superintendent for the first annual fair and was compensated $11 per day plus reasonable and necessary expenses.

Over the years, many, many changes have occurred on the fairgrounds and the facility has been continually developed and improved. ...

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