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Long ago, in the lodge homes along the shores of Lake Minnetonka, you’d often find the warmth of a fire, the comfort of delicious food and fine drinks, the kindness of friendly voices and the serenity of a beautiful view. At Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge you’ll find all that again.

You can admire the shimmering lake from our porch or snuggle near the crackling fire that burns brightly from our stone hearth. Order from our menu and wine list to your heart’s desire. Then, once you taste your selections, you’ll fully understand why our restaurant has earned a reputation of exceptional quality.

Since Lord Fletcher’s was established in 1968, it has won national awards for its food, wine and individualized service.

Lord Fletcherrs is the epitome of Minnesota. An old lodge atmosphere on one of the country’s premier recreational lakes is an idyllic setting. Pair this with 6 bars, 9 unique dining areas, and 2 menus and you have ...

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