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Way back in 1973. I got in my Volvo with a good buddy and drove from my home in New York to Boulder, Colorado, the almost mystical place all of us college students on the east coast kept hearing was the Shangri-La for all self-respecting hippies. Like so many of you who are reading this, it was instant love. The climate, the beauty, the gorgeous sunshine and, of course, the people…relaxed, happy, living the good life, made us both want desperately to live in this little paradise. On our long, sad ride home, we decided that owning a bar in Boulder could very well be the most wonderful experience we could ever hope for.

My other career in New York City kept me there until 1992 when I finally had the right life circumstances that allowed me to move here and realize this life-long dream. Although I hadn’t gotten into the restaurant/bar business to that point, the now 20 year thought process of creating a great sports saloon had been swimming around in my head and I ...

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