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The Larcom Theatre is located on Wallis Street in Beverly, Massachusetts and offers concerts, theatrical productions and comedy presented by gimmeLIVE and Spectacle Management.

From 1985 through 2012 the Larcom Theatre housed the two-hour Le Grand David production, An Anthology of Stage Magic.

Larcom Theatre Harris and Glover Ware, two brothers and former vaudeville musicians from Marblehead, Massachusetts built the Larcom in 1912 and named it for the Beverly-born poet Lucy Larcom. In 1984, the Le Grand David Spectacular Magic Company bought the Larcom and launched a restoration project that dwarfed their previous Cabot Street Cinema Theatre restoration . The Larcom Theatre was purchased in 1984 and received a balcony-to-boiler-room renovation. In October 1985 the Le Grand David troupe premiered a second resident production of conjuring, music, comedy and dance “in the style and tradition of the turn of the 19th century.

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