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Lambermont was built in 1894 as the residence of Edwin Holland Terrell. The Terrell family is a prominent state and local family to this day. Edwin Terrell was a lawyer and statesman who served as Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to Belgium during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison in the early 1890’s. While in Europe, Mr. Terrell fell in love with the castles and chateaus in Belgium and France. Upon his return to Texas, he commissioned architect Alfred Giles to design this home, patterned after those castles in Europe. It was to be a “castle for his bride” and their six children. Mr. Terrell originally named the castle “Lambermont” after a business associate, Baron Augusta Lambermont. The Terrell family lived here until Edwin’s death in 1910. It has had a succession of owners since then. In July of 2008 it was purchased by Pat and Dona Liston.
The architect, Alfred Giles, was an Englishman who had come to Texas to work. He designed many fam ...

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