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We are a Church     LOPC is a Christian community of faith, linked to other churches through the confession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. As the Scriptures teach us, he is Lord, (we commit ourselves to following him) and he is Savior (we confess that through his death and resurrection there is freedom from the power of sin and death). We believe that the church in the world is essentially one, even though it is divided  according to many traditions and interpretations of Scripture. We are not the only church, but rather one of many expressions of it. Members and friends of LOPC use the words  'positive', 'serving', 'organized', 'accepting', 'caring', 'large' and 'Christ-centered' to describe our congregation.

We are Presbyterian      We are Presbyterian, which is one of the many denominations that grew out of the Protestant Reformation. That Reformation, whi ...

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