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Established in 1835 as the “Cherry Wood Bar” of the Lahr Luxury Hotel, and issued Indiana’s first liquor license, this is in fact Indiana’s oldest bar. The “Cherry Wood Bar” was later renamed the Knickerbocker Saloon in 1874 when the areas first player piano was introduced. The Knickerbocker's player piano was a technological wonder in its day. A gentleman could stop in; get a shave, haircut, shot and a brew. Many gents spent their days in the luxury of the bar reading a good book, playing cards, or waiting on the next train that stopped directly out front, on 5th St. The Knickerbocker boasts a guest list including; President Grant, Mark Twain, Al Capone, and even Neil Armstrong (though rumored not much of a drinker).

Over the last 177 years the Knickerbocker has had many restorations, including the replacement of the original bar in 1891 to what you see now. The current bar was hand crafted by Dutch immigrant craftsmen, entirely of so ...

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