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Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze was conceived by Thomas R. Gohring (pictured) in the wee morning hours of April 25th, 2007. The day before, while making a deposit at Bank of America, he made a comment to the teller that it was peculiarly slow at the bank. There were no other customers. He gestured that there is usually a long line of...and he made some motions like a zombie when the other teller says, "yeah, there are no coffee shops around here, I wish there were a Starbucks or something close by." The seed was planted.

The fact that there are no coffee shops in the Airport Blvd. corridor, in combination with having a friend, Mary Grabhorn, who worked part time at another local coffee shop contributed to the idea taking root. It has now evolved into a community center where artists, business people and students, from a variety of backgrounds, come together for good coffee and friendly service in positive environment where they can get feedback on their craft. W ...

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