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OK Corral Night Club, located at 1325 N Combee Rd, Lakeland, FL 33801, provides contact options through an email address (, a Facebook page (, and a phone number ((813) 240-1311), offering patrons diverse means of communication and engagement.

The inclusion of an email address allows for direct communication, enabling individuals to inquire about events, make reservations, or seek specific information related to the venue. Additionally, the presence of a Facebook page suggests that patrons can explore updates, event details, and engage with the venue's community online.

The provided phone number serves as an immediate contact option for those who prefer direct communication. The strategic location on N Combee Rd in Lakeland contributes to the venue's accessibility for local residents and visitors interested in the nightlife scene.

With a combination of email, Facebook, and a phone number, OK Corral Night Club caters to varied prefere ...

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