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In the early 1970s, a number of community leaders got together with Jesse Godbold, Clay County Agricultural Agent, and determined that the county’s agricultural identity and heritage were worthy of being showcased for the citizens of Clay County, especially its youth.

Some of the those original forward thinkers who dreamed up the Clay County Agricultural Fair included people like Claude Kelly [now identified as its “father”], the late Sam Saunders, Merrill Glisson, Lanny Lancaster and Tommy Thomas. They, along with a host of others including Sarah Boe, Jennings Murrhee, Jesse Godbold, Dr. William S. Bazley and Marcia Barber, helped generate the idea to put on the first fair — a fair that would continue to keep “agriculture” in its name and as its theme.
They all shared the dream that it was important that Clay County’s rich agriculture heritage was worth showcasing forever for future generations to enjoy. An annual county fair ...

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