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Carolina Bible Camp began with a meeting in the basement of the Broad St. Church of Christ in Statesville, NC in 1956. In those days churches of Christ in the Carolinas were fewPlayground and were often separated by distances. Opportunities for young people among the congregations to gather and fellowship were virtually non-existent. A group of men – H.R. Butler, C.W. Bradley, Ed Hill, Doug Gunselman, O.P. Baird and T.A. Isaacs — had a vision for a Bible camp for the young people of the Carolinas, and thus, CBC was born!

The first encampment was held in 1957 at Camp Thunderbird just south of Charlotte, NC, with 125 campers. The first weekly director was Doug Gunselman. Other weekly directors in those early years were T.A. Isaacs, Johnny Sewell and Bill G. Smith. However, it was the emergence of H. R. Butler as the weekly director for a period of almost 30 years that saw the camp grow and expand its weeks. ...

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