How it works (FAQ)

Q: What does eventsfy do for me?

A: We provide a central platform for you to easily discover events whether you’re at home or traveling throughout the United States.  We showcase the most events of the Arts in the United States so you can choose an experience tailored specifically for you.
A: We allow anyone to add or edit events, artists, or venues for free.  You simply need to register or log in to make changes or additions.

Q: Where does eventsfy receive all of its events?

A: Our events are from our many partners (Brown Paper Tickets, Eventbrite, Goldstar, StubHub, Ticketfly, Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, Wantickets, etc.) and from our active users (you!).

Q: How to create an event on eventsfy for free for greater exposure?

A: You need to register or be logged in to create an event.  From our homepage,, click the menu icon  =  (top left) and then the sign up button.  Follow instructions to register.  After logging in, click 'Add Event' on home page and follow the step-by-step instructions to add the time, location, artist/show name, and details.  We have attempted to make this process as easy as possible for your convenience :)

Q: What if you find an incorrect event, venue, or artist/show?

A: We aks for you and our active community to help contribute to this free, central platform that showcases live events.  If you see an incorrect event, venue, artist—please log in and make the needed changes, or send us a message about the needed changes at

Q: How do you delete an event?

A: We don’t allow users to delete any event, venue, or artist.  If you need an event, venue or artist deleted—please email us at

Q: How does eventsfy ratings system work?

A: Any user can rate and comment any event, artist/show, and venue.  When an event consists of an artist/show from our database and a venue, the ratings weights 75 percent for the artist(s) and weights 25 percent for the venue.

Q: Purchasing Tickets?

A: At this point, eventsfy does not conduct in any direct ticketing sales.  All tickets are purchased through our partners’ websites or directly at the event, itself.  All questions related to purchasing tickets need to be directed towards are partners or the venue, itself.

Q: See an incorrect picture?

A: You can add any image to be the featured image or be a secondary image.  Simply log in and click Add Image to the appropriate event, venue, or artist.  If you need an image to be deleted, please email us at