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Event: Indie/Folk
Vaud and the Villains | Santa Barbara, CA | SOhO Restaurant And Music Club | December 9, 2017
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  • SOhO Restaurant And Music Club 1 | Santa Barbara, CA

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Vaud and the Villains
SOhO Restaurant And Music Club in Santa Barbara

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Price: 15.00 - 0.00
Vaud and the Villains has been captivating Los Angeles and beyond since 2008. Widely acclaimed for their powerhouse home run performances and diverse ensemble, their local club shows have remained a coveted ticket for LA music lovers, hipsters and dreamers alike since their inception. Their over the top style, part Sunday service, part rock and roll, part circus, is a constantly evolving show that remains buoyed to their motto: "every saint has a past, every sinner has a future"

2014 has been a banner year for them. Selling out halls in Los Angeles and San Diego early in the year led to a headlining slot at the Sacramento Music Fest this May where they were voted crowd favorite second only to Trombone Shorty. In between they squeezed in a couple shows in France during the Cannes film festival at an event honoring Andrea Bocelli. They have recorded at the legendary House Of Rock in Santa Monica and, last summer, their crowd at the Ford was so exuberant, the party was heard across the street at the Hollywood Bowl.

In their sophmore appearance at the Chapel, they will play songs to be released on their new album, Original Salvation.

"Vaud & the Villains' exuberant fusion of vintage New Orleans jazz, R&B and gospel music, wildly inventive arrangements and dynamic theatrical performance is simply a wonder to behold. The only trouble I have with this soul-stirring outfit is deciding whether I want them at my sendoff when it's time to shuffle off this mortal coil--or waiting there to joyously welcome me to the other side."

Randy Lewis, pop music writer Los Angeles Times
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Vaud and the Villains is an 18-20 piece 1930s, New Orleans themed stage musical show. Created by actor Andy Comeau and his wife Dawn Lewis, the Los Angeles based act performs almost every week somewhere in town. The group plays many private, corporate and charity events as well as local nightclubs.

Vaud and the Villains is an 19 piece 1930s, New Orleans Orchestra and Cabaret show. Created by actor Andy Comeau and his wife Dawn Lewis. The act was inspired by the Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions album and the show includes many of those public domain songs in their repertoire. The show is part concert, part revival show, part Americana Noire, part Moulin Rouge.The have played regularly at Fais Do Do, in Los Angeles and Harvelles Long Beach since 2008. They have toured to New Orleans, LA, Chicago, Indiana, New York City, Burlington, VT, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Boston, MA.

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1221 State Street Suite 205
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (US)

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