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Vanessa Silberman
Smiley's Schooner Saloon in Bolinas

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Vanessa Silberman is a Los Angeles based Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter and was the founding member of the LA band Diamonds Under Fire. She also is a Record Producer / Engineer, an independent A&R and has a Artist Development Label called A Diamond Heart Production.

Vanessa's live shows (often touring solo or featuring other players) and music has been compared to the raw bare bones rock 'n roll of Nirvana & The Ramones along with the appeal of Liz Phair & Christie Hynde, authenticity of classic artists such as Patti Smith & Neil Young & the pop sensibilities of commercial radio artists such as Paramore. She is also widely known for having a very strong DIY ethic & wearing many different hats in the music business --having worked for heavy hitter's in the music business such as Dr.Luke as well as for company's & places ranging from Epitaph Record's to the Foo Fighter's Studio 606.

Her band Diamonds Under Fire was around for well over a decade and self-released numerous EPs, toured around the US 10 times also played Canada, the UK, SXSW & SSMF. In Los Angeles, ether solo or with the band Vanessa's music has made its mark on all the known venues including El Rey, The Troubadour, Viper Room, The Echo, Bootleg Theatre and many others. Diamonds Under Fire was featured on 4 Vans Off The Wall CD Compilations as well as had features on NPR.com, Buzzbands.la, LARecord.com, LAWeekly.com plus regular spins on commercial and non-com radio. Vanessa also had a cover call-out on in June 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

In the winter of 2014 Vanessa launched her solo career & opened up for Alkaline Trio at The Troubadour. Vanessa released her first solo (Self-Produced & Mixed) single 'Think Tank (feat. Derek Jordan)' on July 21st 2015 and performed at Alt 98.7FM Lobster Festival following it with a 21 Date solo U.S Tour to support the release.

'I Know (feat. Super Black Market)', her 2nd single, was released on Dec. 22nd 2015, which she also wore production duties on and a 3rd (acoustic) single 'American Folk Rock' was put out on Feb. 14th (which was recorded in Mafikeng, South Africa while she was there doing a producing / label collaboration with BOP Recording Studio & her A Diamond Heart Production working with various South African artists). This release coincided with her 35+ date solo 'American Folk Rock' U.S Tour (Jan - Mar 2016) as well as 2 dates over sea's (London & Berlin).

With continual shows & touring, the 4th single 'Awake & Feeling' , her self-titled debut 5 song EP (which came out on Oct 7th, 2016), an acoustic 60's inspired single 'Hide My Love Away' she hasn't showed any signs of slowing down. Vanessa wrapped up a 4th solo U.S 'Shine' Tour in late 2016, having played over 165 in a year. Vanessa has been featured on the cover of The Fort Stockton Pioneer, on Jefferson Public Radio Ashland, Rogue Valley Messager, Statesmen Journal & her debut EP has seen regular spins on over 32 radio stations (including: KLCZ, SCAD Radio / WRFS, WWUH, WXJM, KBGA, KTCV, KOAS & others)

Vanessa'a solo music demonstrates that she hasn't completely ignored her alternative pop rock grunge roots of her later band but isn't afraid to try new things as she tastefully shows more skills in production, versatility between songs, even featuring other artists / collaborating as well as invites in more inspiration by different influences ranging from pop and old country blues to punk & hip hop.

She is the kind of artist that fits in perfectly with this new era in music and demonstrates the platform of artists & bands out there who are building their own nitch in the music industry and are truly destined for success. Vanessa and her music are a growing brand proving a career that will have longevity because of knowing what she wants, doing it herself and paving her own way.
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41 Wharf Road
Bolinas, CA 94924 (usa)

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