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Event: Alternative/Rock
The Steepwater Band | Newport, KY | The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room | December 9, 2017
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  • The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room 1 | Newport, KY

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The Steepwater Band
The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room in Newport

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Price: 12.00 - 15.00
Diamond Day Records is very excited to announce the release of The Steepwater Bands 6th full-length studio album SHAKE YOUR FAITH. The LP features 11 brand new TSB tracks, and is slated for release on Friday, April 1st via Double 180 Gram Vinyl, Compact Disc and Digital Download. The album was recorded last winter at Crushtone Studios, in the shadows of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio. Shake Your Faith was produced by the band along with seasoned rock studio veteran Jim Wirt, who has also worked with the likes of Fiona Apple, Incubus and the Buffalo Killers. As with most TSB albums, the sound and songwriting on Shake Your Faith has grown and expanded, yet retained the true nature of the band. Its the first TSB studio record in over 4 years and the first to include new guitarist Eric Saylors.

The Steepwater Band 2014
With the additional band member, the songwriting approach for this record was different than it was on past TSB albums, when they were a 3-piece. Singer/Guitarist Jeff Massey comments on the TSB songwriting processEach song was different. I had a few totally finished songs, or Tod would bring a complete piece of music that would need melody & lyrics. And there were also a bunch of other musical ideas coming from both Eric & Joe, which we would all hash out together. Drummer Joe winters states Everyone really brought ideas to the table, collaboratively, more so with Shake Your Faith, than with any other of our records. That really created a special vibe around the songs.

The arctic Lake Erie air made for a secluded and quick session, as it was all recorded and mixed within 12 days. What better circumstances to record in? says Eric Saylors, There werent any outside distractions! The band entered the studio with a group of songs, but with very loose arrangements. Bassist Tod Bowers elaborates, It really allowed everyone in the band to be inspired by the moment. Sonically inspired by what sounds you were hearing coming out of the speakers what was happening in the room, musically between the 4 of us. And you can hear that in the recording.
Shake Your Faith has a wide range of sounds from straight ahead rock n roll to a psychedelic samba, and lyrical direction that extends from love to murder. This album is the true meaning of just that. An album - a collective piece of music thats meant to be heard front to back. Saylors adds The way the whole record flows, its like one long song takes you on a little journey.
The Songs: Shake Your Faith Mama Got To Ramble Be As it May Break Bring On The Love Jealous Of Your Way I Will Never Know Walk In The Light Gone Goodbye Last Second Chance Aint Got Love

Formed in Chicago back in 1998, The Steepwater Bands signature sound is a nod to early British blues, combined with a modern, raw and gutsy musical approach. Founding members Massey, Bowers and Winters have a synergy that comes from years of playing together. Then in early 2012, the long-time trio was joined by Saylors, from Indianapolis, IN, who brought an added depth to the TSB LIVE sound. Although the band got their start as devotees of delta blues, they have since been expanding on their influences, absorbing everything from Psychedelia to Americana, from Jazz to 50s Rock n Roll Music.
The Steepwater Band has maintained a grueling schedule throughout the last 18 years, averaging about 140 shows per year. They have toured and shared the stage with acts such as Gov't Mule, Buddy Guy, Wilco, Taj Mahal, Marc Ford, ZZ Top, T-Model Ford, North Mississippi All Stars, Leon Russell, Drive-By Truckers, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Cheap Trick, Bad Company and Heart. In 2005, the band made its European debut, performing at the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. In the following years, the band has returned to the United Kingdom and Europe for multiple club and festival tours, increasing their loyal overseas fan-base.
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The Steepwater Band’s latest LP "Grace and Melody" represents the evolution of a genuine, hard-working rock n’ roll band unwilling to compromise the integrity of their musical values. The album is vital and optimistic; a fresh sound borne of classic influences but zero nostalgia. The Steepwater Band formed in Chicago in 1998 ignited by a passion for the city's electric blues. The power trio who quickly progressed from covering Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to writing compelling originals has crafted a rock n' roll sound best described as heavy Americana. For a decade the band has gigged relentlessly, performing nearly 125 shows per year and bringing their songbook of gritty Delta blues, soulful boogie, and backwoods psychedelia to audiences across the States and abroad. The creative energy of the band's live shows has earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Jeff Massey performs with a passion that can belie his virtuosity. His masterful guitar work, often featuring slide, has won the respect of many modern guitar luminaries. The rhythm section's rock-solid interplay provides a foundation which liberates Massey's lead work: Joe Winters swings beats with total command of his ferocity while Tod Bowers rolls out bass lines with the loose-boogie sensibility of Ronnie Lane and a knack for carrying the melody. Years of musical collaboration allow the band to play together tautly without sacrificing spontaneity. The Steepwater Band has released four full-length records, and each album has garnered substantial radio airplay across the Midwest, including on Chicago's influential WXRT. Their songs have been placed in network television shows, a major motion picture, and a 3 year national ad campaign that debuted during the World Series. The trio regularly headlines such prestigious Chicago venues as the Metro and the Double Door while expanding their touring base throughout the Midwest and beyond. They have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Buddy Guy, Wilco, Gov't Mule, Cheap Trick, The Redwalls, Taj Mahal, Bon Jovi, Rose Hill Drive, Bad Company, King’s X, Drive-By Truckers, and Heart. In 2005, the band made its European debut, performing at the Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and returned the following two years for club-and-festival tours to heavily attended shows. It was a serendipitous meeting at a Black Crowes concert that brought friends Winters and Bowers together with Massey. A decade later in May ‘08, the three found themselves in California recording Grace and Melody, their fourth full-length studio album, with Grammy winner Marc Ford as producer-the musician widely regarded as The Black Crowes' finest guitarist and integral to their prime years. The Steepwater Band met Ford while sharing a bill at a festival in Spain in the summer of '07. They invited Ford to sit in on Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer," a song banned in Spain for years. A friendship was forged and Ford expressed interest in collaborating with the band shortly after producing the critically acclaimed debut album from Ryan Bingham, Mescalito (Lost Highway 2007). Grace and Melody was recorded in just nine days at the organic and inspiring Compound Studios in Long Beach, California. With Ford's direction, the band dug deeper into the swamp and grit of their past records while exploring new influences that give the new record a fresh sound. From the top-down catchiness of "Lord Knows," to the extended guitar jam of "Waiting To Be Offended," to the hypnotic bounce of "Healer" and Lennonesque strum of "One Way Ride," this album runs the gamut of rock n’ roll roots with progressive style. Songwriting has long been a strength for The Steepwater Band, but it has never been more palpable than on Grace and Melody.

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111 East 6th Street
Newport, KY 41071 (usa)

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