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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Alternative/Rock, Theater/Performing Arts
The Guitar Collective 2017 - Scale the Summit // Angel Vivaldi | Hartford, CT | The Webster Underground | December 9, 2017
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The Guitar Collective 2017 - Scale the Summit // Angel Vivaldi
The Webster Underground in Hartford

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Price: 17.00 - 19.00
Instrumental Rock band
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Scale the Summit can be perceived as many things: young, skilled, ambitious, progressive, instrumental, and unique among many other perceptions. Conceived from the imagination and talent of Chris Letchford and Travis LeVrier, the Los Angeles, CA founded band was born in late 2004. Chris and Travis set out with the objective to create something different, a type of instrumental music that could be widely accessible while not abandoning a technical and melodic foundation. Pat Skeffington joined the band in March of 2005 adding his own infusion of vigorous percussion and drumming.

As the songs continued to develop in August of 2005, Jordan Eberhardt became the newest addition to Scale the Summit as the bass player. The four-piece band emanates an unparalleled musical chemistry including symphonious guitar playing, dynamic bass, and thundering percussion. With several shows under their belt and a fan following that only shadows the many possibilities and opportunities to come for this band, Scale the Summit has set its mark to enrapture worldwide audiences with their upcoming album release. Thanks, Scale the Summit.

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31 Webster St.
Hartford, CT 06114 (usa)

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