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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Dance/Electronic
Sander Kleinenberg | Chicago, IL | Spybar | December 9, 2017
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  • Spybar 1 | Chicago, IL

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Sander Kleinenberg
Spybar in Chicago

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Price: 0.00 - 10.00
Dutch Progressive-/Tech-House DJ & producer.
Born in 1971 in Delft, The Netherlands.
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A deviant idealist to international dance floors and the boundaries of the soundtrack alike, Sander Kleinenberg has proven one of more organic superstar DJs to emerge from the Netherlands. With more than 15-years on the scene and a steady legacy of landmark achievements behind him, the Dutch DVJ and producer still treats mixing as an art form sacred enough to be praised at every corner of the earth. A true DJ’s DJ and renowned skeptic to the integrity of a generation often more concerned with flash marketing than creative progress, Sander’s resounding passion for club culture and the developing craft of musical journeys has kept him from becoming an arrogant cynic to an age he could never have anticipated for electronic music.

With a youth that favored pinning up pictures of his favorite records over chasing girls across the playground, music called to Sander like no force he had ever experienced. Born to creative parents in the safe yet humble surroundings of the East Netherlands, his early days behind the decks were a true labor of love. But cycling to and from his early residencies and scrubbing the dance floor after shows were a small price to pay for this admirable record junkie who still revels in the glory that such seemingly small sacrifices have bought him. It may not have looked like a global career at first, but the transition from a wolf in sheep’s clothing to an experienced musical journeyman tells of commitment to the craft often lost among the modern industry. In uniting records at the right moment in time, DJing may have been his personal revolution, but Sander’s development in the studio has not gone ignored along the way.
Using his productions as a passport into the wider world of electronic music. Brandishing headline singles including ‘My Lexicon’, ‘The Fruit’ & ‘This Is Miami’, 2011’s

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646 N Franklin
Chicago, IL 60654 (US)

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