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From Largest Collection in America

Robert Cline Jr.
Saxon Pub in Austin

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Price: 5.00 - 0.00
Born into a deep rooted Texan family, Robert Cline Jr. is no stranger to the musical spirit and passion of the Lone Star State. His first guitar was a college graduation present, and he immediately immersed himself in learning to play. Robert began his music career on the road as an oil & gas man. Living in hotel rooms with only a guitar for company, he spent countless hours crafting his sound. Like many artists, Robert is heavily influenced by his musical heroes.

Like a tattoo memorializes the journey of life, the album All the Right Reasonsis an indelible manifestation of Robert's experiences. His debut album seeks no approval and makes no apologies. The title track "All the Right Reasons" gives his raw perspective on the timeless topic of unrequited love. Like a battle-tried soldier, "All the Right Reasons" maintains the glory of battle despite ultimate defeat.

All the Right Reasons is varied in its sound, ranging from Texas bar house country rock to bare-bones acoustic ballads. Robert's ability to go from catchy toe-tapping tunes to soulful and sentimental numbers lends a sense of spontaneity to the record.
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1320 S Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704 (US)

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