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Hamilton (NY)

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Get Tickets Today to Experience Hamilton (NY) on Wednesday Sep 16 at Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 W 46th St, new york. Enjoy and be inspired! Share your experience on Social Media with #EventsfyYourWeekend Hashtag for a chance to WIN Prizes!
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The Richard Rodgers Theatre, is a Broadway theater in New York City, built by Irwin Chanin in 1925. When it was first opened, it was called Chanin's 46th Street Theatre. Chanin almost immediately leased it to the Shuberts, who bought the building outright in 1931 and renamed it the 46th Street Theatre. In 1982, it was purchased and renovated by the Nederlander Organization, who in 1990 changed the name to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in memory of the composer Richard Rodgers. The building is located at 226 W 46th Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

It currently holds the distinction of housing the most number, ten, of Tony Award-winning Best Plays and Best Musicals.The Richard Rodgers Theatre is notable in that it was the first to feature Chanin's 'democratic' seating plan. In most earlier Broadway theatres, patrons seated in the cheaper balcony and mezzanine sections utilized separate entrances from patrons who had purchased the more expensive orchestra section seats. Instead, all patrons entered the new theatre through the same doors, and a series of steps inside the house led to the upper seating areas.

Richard Rodgers Theatre

226 W 46th St
New York, NY 10036 Direction Icon

$199 - $239

Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM