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From Largest Collection in America

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles

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Price: 25.00 - 85.00
Its time

Emily Haines is back with Choir of the Mind, the Metric singers first release as her Soft Skeleton solo project in a decade.That interval has particular resonance for Haines: Choir of the Mind, dueSeptember15on Last Gang Records, comes 10 years after her Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton EP What Is Free to a Good Home?, which in turn stemmed from her 2006 LP Knives Dont Have Your Back. Ten years before that, she released Cut in Half and Also Doubleunder her own name.Its funny, I believe in a way that my life has functioned in decades, Haines says. A lot of things aligned to make this seem like the time.

Her solo projects represent transitions in her life: her 1996 album came as she passed over the threshold of adulthood, while Knives Dont Have Your Backemerged after the death of her father, the acclaimed poet Paul Haines. On Knives, there were strings and horns, the mood was funereal, there were all these other players. On Choir of the Mind, there is still a fair bit of instrumentation, but I found myself filled with a desire to achieve as much as possible using little more than the contents of my mind and my voice, anchored by my hands on the piano, propelled by these rhythms I was making with my breathing, like a panic attack on the bottom with a lullaby on top.Haines vocals are definitely the focal point of Choir of the Mind.

She used her voice to create spellbinding orchestrations for an effect that is subtle and ghostly on Wounded, lush on Fatal Gift and deeply powerful on Legend of the Wild Horse, which she calls her soft anthem.

Haines voice is the only audible instrument on Strangle All Romance, and she creates mesmerizing layers that drift and swirl through the title track, which includes a spoken-word part adapted from a poem by the Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo.Haines recorded Choir of the Mindover several weeks in September and October of 2016, more or less alone in Metrics Toronto studio with a borrowed 18-foot grand piano built in 1850. Her longtime musical partner/Metric bandmate, James Shaw, helped flesh out the sonics with various instruments and rhythmic elements. (Shaw also mixed the album). Sparklehorse drummer Scott Minor, a member of the Soft Skeleton's first incarnation, returned to perform on Legend of the Wild Horse.Haines says, The writing and recording process was heightened and intensive, the two became one thing.
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6000 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038 (usa)

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