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From Largest Collection in America

Don't Break Down - a Film About Jawbreaker
Columbus Theatre in Providence

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Price: 10.00 - 0.00
Jawbreaker was an emo/punk rock band based in San Francisco, CA's Mission District, although the band's members, Blake Schwarzenbach (vocals/guitar), Chris Bauermeister (bass), and Adam Pfahler (drums), actually came together at New York University in the mid 1980's. The band's first release was 1989's "Whack & Blite" 7" on their own Blackball Records. The band released 3 LPs and made appearances on different compilations for various independent labels before signing to a major label, DGC, at the end of 1994. However, their major label debut, "Dear You", failed to expand their audience and brought cries of "sell out" their punk rock fan base. This, coupled with already-present interpersonal tensions within the band that had reached the breaking point caused the band to split in 1996. Following the split, the members performed with other acts, most notably Blake's Jets To Brazil. Blake and Chris also returned to college to pursue various degrees while Adam resurrected Blackball Records to reissue much of Jawbreaker's out of print music as well as putting out records by other bands he has been involved with.
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270 Broadway
Providence, RI 02903 (usa)

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