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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Music

DJ Class Spring 2017 - Middle, Advanced
Stamps-Rhine Center in Chicago

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Semi-Experinced and Advanced DJ Class for Pre-Teens and Teens Youth will learn: Music theory Basic and intermediate scratching techniques Beat-matching Song structure Trick mixing Digital DJing technology Youth MUST commit to participating for ALL DAYS.  After 3 DAYS absence participation will end. Because the classes are FREE, we want to make sure that youth who are really interested have the chance to participate. CLASSES WILL BE HELD ON MONDAYS.  Classes will be Wednesdays.  Youth ages 10 - 18 are welcome.  MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO.  Must have participated in 2 previous sessions to be in this class Youth are encouraged to bring snacks and a water bottle for break time. 
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1327 North Larrabee Street
Chicago, IL 60610 (US)

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