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From Largest Collection in America
Event: International, Indie/Folk
Celtic Thunder | Minneapolis, MN | State Theatre | December 9, 2017
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Celtic Thunder
State Theatre in Minneapolis

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Price: 36.50 - 66.50
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Celtic Thunder is a singing group composed of male soloists who perform both solo and ensemble numbers. Celtic Thunder debuted in August 2007 at The Helix in Dublin, Ireland. They are accompanied by the Celtic Concert Orchestra under the direction of Phil Coulter, the musical director of the group. Celtic Thunder's first studio album and first concert special DVD were released in March 2008. The album was titled “Celtic Thunder” and the concert special was titled “The Show.” It was filmed at The Helix in Dublin, Ireland, on August 2007. Their second studio album was released in September 2008, titled “Act Two.” It included the rest of the songs from “The Show.” Their third studio album and second concert special DVD, both titled “Take Me Home,” were released in July 2009. Their fourth studio album and third concert special DVD, both titled “It's Entertainment!,” were released in February 2010. It was filmed alongside “Storm” at the Toronto International Centre Hall 5, Toronto, Ontario, in October 2009. After “It's Entertainment!,” Celtic Thunder fans sent many requests to Sharon Browne for a Christmas-themed album and an album containing more Irish music. Through these efforts, “Christmas” and “Heritage” came to be, postponing the release of “Storm.” Their fifth studio album, titled “Christmas,” was released in October 2010, and the concert special DVD, also titled “Christmas,” was released in November 2010. “Christmas” was filmed alongside “Heritage” at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, in September 2010. Their sixth studio album and fifth concert special DVD titled “Heritage” was released in February 2011. Their seventh studio album and sixth DVD, titled “Storm,” was released in September 2011 (originally recorded in 2009). “Storm,” unlike Celtic Thunder's other DVDs, was not just a filmed concert but had a storyline, an elaborate set establishing a location, and costumes which helped to define the singers' and dancers' characters within the story. It made use of the “It's Entertainment” cast which is Celtic Thunder's largest to date and added singer Dierdre Shannon. Their eight studio album and seventh concert special DVD, titled “Voyage,” were released in February 2012. It was filmed in October 2011, in Kansas City, Missouri at the Midland Theater.

- MediaNet

Not to be confused with the Irish singing sensation of the 2000s, this Baltimore-area group plays souped-up Irish and Irish-American music. ~ Steve Winick, Rovi

- rovi

Celtic Thunder, the singing group from Ireland, are a composition of six male soloists who perform both solo and ensemble numbers. They debuted in August 2007 at The Helix in Dublin. Accompanied by the Celtic Concert Orchestra under the direction of David Munro, the musical director of the group, Celtic Thunder have become a household name all around the world, with recent ventures into Australia & South Africa.

With airing of their first Public Television special in 2008, Celtic Thunder consistently remains one of the most popular musical shows for stations throughout the US. Hailed as BILLBOARD's Top World Music Artist, Album & Imprint of 2009 & 2011, the phenomenon that is Celtic Thunder has achieved sales of over Two Million copies and 500,000 Ticket Sales to date. Their mass appeal and devoted fan base continues to grow with impressive statistics to prove it. Celtic Thunder's official YouTube channel, "Thunder Tube" has seen over 30 million upload views since the channel's inception in summer 2008.

- eventsfy

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805 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55402 (US)

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