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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Rap/Hip-Hop

Blac Youngsta
Rad Skate Park in Asheville

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Fortuneteller ENT Present CMG's artist Blac Youngsta/Heavy Camp live in concert in Asheville, NC 28801. Born in Memphis, Tennessee. He released his hit single called Heavy in 2014 featuring Yo Gotti. This song originated from the album Fast Bricks 3, which is his third mixtape. Blac Youngsta dropped a hit single "Booty" blowing up the charts following his latest mixtape I'm Innocent. For more info : fortunetellerent@gmail.com Contact info : (704)-674-7796                         (828)-747-2237
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37 Foundy Street
Asheville, NC 28801 (US)

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