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From Largest Collection in America
Event: Music

The Power of Music
The Cutting Room NYC in New York

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There’s nothing more powerful that can sway your emotions and touch your soul than music. The Power of Music Concert Series, launched by Daniel’s Music Foundation (DMF) and One Vision Music, will be filled with moving performances by Dina Fanai and Bob Kinkel, DMF's Co-Founder Daniel Trush and Music Director Gerard Powers, as well as other special guests. Each performer will share their own personal story on how music has impacted and transformed their lives. All proceeds benefit Daniel’s Music Foundation.

Daniel’s Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been using the transformative power of music to create a community built on acceptance, respect and appreciation for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities for over a decade. Programs focus on having members feel accepted both within their community, as well as the greater community at large. For more information please visit danielsmusic.org.

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44 East 32nd Street
between Park and Madison
New York, NY 10016 (US)

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