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From Largest Collection in America

23rd Annual Hooligan Holiday, Freedom Sounds Collective, go Generation, Boomtown United
recordBar in Kansas City

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Freedom Sounds Collective

Founded 2014. Skatellites Tribute. Traditional ska from Kansas City.

Go Generation

Go Generation was started at the very beginning of 2000 by Pat Bukaty, Devin Blair and Jon Cagle.

Principal songwriter and guitarist Pat Bukaty met bassist Devin Blair at college. Blair knew drummer Jon Cagle through the Kansas City Punk scene and the idea to start a band was proposed by all three as a way to make their own music. Initially, the band began as a way to showcase Bukaty's songs. Soon though, a 'sound' started to develop and the three knew they really had something unique and decided to book gigs.

Pat Bukaty's artfully crafted pop tunes seemed to match Blair's desire to play aggressive versions of early Beatles songs. At the same time, Cagle's drumming started to capture the fury of The Who and The Clash. This exciting dynamic seemed to form the basis for Go Generation's early Mod Punk sound and style and so a theme developed. The band performed in white shirts and black ties like the early Jam and people started to enjoy the band's sound and image.

The band initially called itself 'Bulldog Front', but soon realized this moniker might loosely link itself to a very nasty, fascist and racist, British political faction: The National Front. So, the band unanimously agreed that a name change was in order and a friend of the group, Rico Dejoie, proposed the band name themselves Go Generation as an apt replacement. Everyone liked it and so Go Generation was born!

The band continued to play a lot of shows, recorded and toured extensively. Their debut album, 'Upturned' was released on the Hooligan Empire Records imprint and received favorable press and accolades. While, it was a fun ride, the band broke up in 2002 due to other commitments and outside interests.

Pat Bukaty continued to write songs, though ended up moving to Japan for nearly a decade to teach English. He released a solo record, 'Torn Day' in 2009. Blair continued to play in bands for a couple more years but took a hiatus from music for nearly a decade to raise kids and focus more on coaching soccer in his spare time, successfully leading a high school team to a State Championship title in 2010. Cagle has remained a fixture in the Kansas City punk scene since the group disbanded, playing in several successful bands around the area.

But, in 2015 Blair and Cagle were asked to form a tribute band for The Jam by long time Go Generation fan, Rico Dejoie. The two initially tried to hook up once again with Pat Bukaty, who was staying briefly in KC after moving back from Japan, but he soon moved to Florida. DeJoie then introduced Blair and Cagle to Kansas City musician Cody Blanchard, and so there began the beginnings of the new Go Generation. Things went down well among the three as they decided to play Go Generation songs alongside Jam covers and write new material in 2016.

The band will be releasing a four song EP in April of 2016 and plan on doing more shows and recording this year

So, the Go Generation story continues in 2016 with a similar style and sound and maybe a bit more Grrrrr....Stay Tuned!
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1520 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108 (usa)

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