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We are a passionate team that believes LIVE EVENTS with REAL ARTISTS in REAL LIFE with REAL ENERGY can greatly enhance our knowledge of the world for the better! We would like to connect people physically (once again) at these Events - LIVE Music, Comedy, Theater, Art Shows. We thirst for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom shone through these amazing LIVE EVENTS of human experiences created by remarkable Artists.

Back in 2006 and living in the city, we found it remarkable that we did not know about MANY LIVE EVENTS right down the street from us. Seeking to find an Event (other than the major Headliners) was a maze of numerous websites of fragmented and disjointed information. After yelling from the rooftops about our inability to easily discover LIVE EVENTS nearby, we placed our thinking caps on to find a better solution—VOILA, Eventsfy!

Ever since our initial concept in 2006, the road has been smooth sailing…HA… OK, OK, perhaps a few tactical and strategic turns may have been taken due to jobs, education, finances, and other pathways of life. Although we did not officially embark on this business journey until 2012, our goal to create a product for fans to easily discover LIVE EVENTS and for Artists to easily create their Events FOR FREE anywhere in America (eventually the World) has been unwavering.

To help spread the word about Eventsfy, some of us in 2012 took a West Coast Tour in our green-mobile billboard (AKA Shrek)—  2012 West Coast Road Marketing trip  We visited and spoke with hundreds of venues to learn about them and to let them know about us. Although at the time our product was still in its infancy stage, we made many contacts and had a remarkable experience with much learning.

The Eventsfy team represents many different backgrounds around the world with one goal in mind—helping people become more inspired through attending LIVE EVENTS

David Richardson
David Richardson
President & Founder

Art is a reflection of God. Art provides a glimpse of our Creator. By perpetually increasing your exposure to the Arts, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of our world and our Creator.

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Credits and Many THANKS to all the Creators & Workers of Eventsfy’s Journey