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Eventsfy Team


Eventsfy | Discover Events of the Arts Today!


About Us:

We are a passionate team that believes Events of the Arts (Performing Arts) can greatly enhance our knowledge of the world for the better!  We would like to connect people physically (once again) at these Events (Live Music, Comedy, Theatre, Art Shows). We thirst for knowledge as our ancestors did during the Enlightenment Age of the 18th Century.  We hope for a Renaissance 2.0 propelled by Events of the Arts!!

Back in 2006 and living in the city, we found it remarkable that we did not know about certain Events down the street from us.  Seeking to find an Event (other than the major Headliners) was a maze of numerous websites of fragmented and disjointed information.  After yelling from the rooftops about our inability to easily discover Events nearby, we placed our thinking caps on to find a better solution—Eventsfy!  We are continuously stitching together the immensely fragmented world of Events online in America so that people can spend more time experiencing these Events.
Ever since our initial concept in 2006, the road has been smooth sailing...Ha… OK, OK, perhaps a few tactical and strategic turns may have been taken due to jobs, more education, finances, and other pathways of life.  Although we did not officially embark on this business journey until 2012, our goal to create a product for fans to easily discover Events and for Artists to easily post their Events anywhere in America (eventually the World) has been unwavering.
To help spread the word about Eventsfy, some of us in 2012 took a West Coast Tour in our green-mobile billboard (AKA Shrek).  We visited and spoke with hundreds of venues to let them know about us.  Although at the time our product was still in its infancy stage, we made many contacts and had a remarkable experience.  See some of the highlights of our journey from the few clips below.
We understand the fragmented and disjointed world that fans go through to discover Events and that Artists go through to adequately promote their Events.  We bring both these needs into one place—Eventsfy—where we have an exhaustive ongoing list of upcoming Events throughout America to make discovering and promoting events simple and easy.

The Eventsfy team represents many different backgrounds around the world with one goal in mind—helping people become more inspired through attending Live Events.


David Richardson
President & Founder


Art is simply a perspective of life (an energy of feelings).  Art reveals unfiltered truths of life because someone had to have felt or experienced the message being delivered through the Art for it to be considered Art.  If the Art (feeling) is true for the Artist, it is true regardless of anyone’s else’s point-of-view or opinion.  By perpetually increasing your exposure to the Arts, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of our world and you will have a more meaningful life.  Expose yourself to a Live Performance of the Arts, Today! 


Debbie Breer
Vice President


I feel privileged to have been brought up in a family that appreciated live arts. I began my education at the University of Washington in their Art program. Eventually my practical side led me to my degree in Business Administration.  I still place tremendous value in the arts and how they can enrich our lives. As a mother of 3, I am always looking for opportunities for my children to be exposed to and learn from the arts.
I passionately believe in Eventsfy's mission to bring greater public awareness to the Arts which is why I was excited to join their team. My role with Evenstfy is to assist you and maximize your experience with our company, website and apps so that you easily find the events that most interest you. I am also available to assist Artists, Venue Directors and Promoters with marketing their events through our website/apps so that they reach a broader audience. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive place to keep abreast of the World of Arts, and making that happen is my hope and mission.


Preet Chalal
Freelance Developer


Art is the expression or application of human creativity, inner feeling or imagination in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine. Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.

Charina Flores
Operations Director
Art is life intensified.  It is about expressing, sharing, experiencing and appreciating the beauty and feeling the emotional power of the people and the world around us.  It allows us to open and expand our minds, as well as see things from different perspectives.  It is the celebration of human endeavors, a reminder of the past, a reflection of how we or our future can be, and a place where our imagination can roam free.  It allows us to connect to others, to break down barriers and to experience the art in a way that's unique to each without limits. It is a universal language that touches our senses and provokes us to think within and beyond ourselves and makes us feel alive.  Most of all Art reminds us that we are not alone, that anything is possible, and that everything is going to be fine because art connects us to not only the reality but also lifts us to a higher place of infinite possibilities where we can create anything that inspires us.
Bob Meador
President of Metric Media
Art happens when we move beyond just surviving and begin communicating more complex thoughts and feelings.  When a caveman makes a simple bowl to hold food it's just about survival. When they start to vary the design or decoration of the bowl beyond what's needed to survive, art starts to happen.
The same is true with performing arts: at their most basic they communicate ideas necessary for survival. Think oral history, storytelling, even the news. As survival becomes less critical, the driving motivation moves away from necessity to pure expression and we have theater, dance and music existing purely to allow creators to share perspectives they have discovered, and consumers to delight in discovering these new perspectives. Art allows us to communicate more richly - to send and receive new ideas, to add new perspectives, to understand the world through different eyes.
more about Bob at metricmedia.com


Ankur Saini
Data and Content Manager
CEO of Aim Data Soft


To me “Art” is something that stimulates an individual's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses and technical skills. Art is a form of expression.  Music, theatre, dance, comedy, art exhibitions and other performing arts are prime examples of art.  Music is a source of inspiration and expression. Its wakes me up, gets me going, and is a way to add some more awesome day in my life.  Art of music is a way to express and release emotions. Art and music are like freedom and it’s connects us to the world.  EVENTSFY helps to connect artists and audience who love Art and Music. We are very happy to be a part of EVENTSFY team.
  • more about Ankur at aimdatasoft.com -
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Laurent Lim
Art and Cultural Consultant


The Power of ART greatly enhances your ability to communicate a message.  Every form of ART captures my attention and ART breaks through all cultural barriers.  To me, music is a language that needs no learning or explanation—it can be immediately understood.  Music really brings out the emotional feelings of so many people and eventsfy helps to carry out its message to touch the heart and soul of people across the world.  As a consultant from a Singaporean culture, I bring my own unique perspective and ideas to the eventsfy team.