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Event: Music, Jazz/Blues
Matt Woods
  • Matt Woods 1
  • The Barn - Pawlet 1 | Pawlet, VT

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Matt Woods
The Barn - Pawlet in Pawlet

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There’s a thin line between eagerness and impatience. Matt Woods, clutching his guitar, is currently balancing on it as if it’s a tightrope. The 23-year-old, born in Somerset’s Taunton to an entrepreneuring father and a mother who gave up a fruitful career in entertainment to raise him, was raised in Cornwall. Did the picturesque landscape inspire Matt to become a troubadour? “Cornwall is so beautiful, I think it should make artists out of people”, he says. The captivating scenery of his childhood environment was recently encountered by the crew that shot the video for his song ‘Wash Me Clean’. Totally accustomed to seeing such beauty after being around it so much as a youngster, Matt was pleasantly surprised at the reaction of the crew when they beheld the sights around them. “The camera guys were obsessed with the whole scenery and I was like, ‘To be fair, it’s just places that I know because I grew up around here’”.

A former choirboy, Matt pensively admits that he did enjoy the rigours of such a commitment at such a young age. “We had to go to school an hour before everyone else and then straight to the cathedral after school every day. That was for six services a week for six years of my life”.

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5581 Vermont 30
Pawlet, VT 05761 (US)

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